The first year of ACCOMPANY project was based on activities related to:

  • formulating acceptance of the basic platform of the Robot and its functionalities
  • looking at requirements for interface design and the context aware planner
  • investigating memory model requirements and the specifications
  • investigating relevant literature and context analysis for activity monitoring
  • and specification of the required modification to Care-o-bot 3 platform

The project achieved implementation of its first year interaction scenario by integrating the developments highlighted and project progress at the recent review meeting by the European Commission in December, which was marked as “excellent”.
During the second year, research and development will continue in a range of areas varying form social and empathic interaction; robot learning and adaptive interaction; environment and activity monitoring; ethical norms for the development and use of robots as well as issues of user acceptability of different roles and behaviours for the robot.
A project wide evaluation will start towards the end of year 2, allowing us to assess and evaluate the project platform in line with achieving project objectives and meeting user requirements, as reflected by the project scenarios.

Year 1 public deliverables from the project are available on the project website.

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