Cooperative game with KASPAR

Researchers illustrating how to play a cooperative game with the autonomously operating robot KASPAR - developed by Josh Wainer as part of his PhD studies with children with autism.

Care-O-Bot 3 in the UH Robot House

A demo of the Care-O-Bot 3 in the UH Robot House. The Care-O-Bot3 is used for the EU funded FP7 project ACCOMPANY (Aceptable robotiCs COMPanions for AgeiNg Years). The robot demonstrates how it can perform simple fetch and carry tasks, and how it is able to sense activities in the robot house and remind the user if/as necessary (Cognitive Prosthetic).


A demonstration of the ASRG Robot CHARLY (Companion Humanoid Autonomous Robot for Living with You). It is shown in the foyer area of the UH Learning Resources Centre where it was used to perform an Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) user study which involved the robot playing an interactive game based on Stone, Scissors, Paper with passers-by.

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