Sunflower in the Robot House: Robot Expressiveness


Designed by Dr. Kheng Lee Koay

As part of the LIREC project ( a new mechanoid robot was developed called Sunflower, designed by Dr. Kheng Lee Koay. Sunflower is based on the “pioneer” platform with the addition of a touch-screen user interface and diffuse LED display panels to provide expressive multi-coloured light signals to the user. Other expressive behaviours include sound, base movement, and movements of the robot’s neck. The non-verbal expressive behaviours have been inspired by expressive behaviour that dogs display in human-dog interaction in similar scenarios as those those used in the Robot House, in collaboration with ELTE in Hungary (Dr. Ádám Miklósi’s group). The robot possesses some human-like features (a head, arms) but its overall design is non-humanoid. This design follows our previous research results showing that mechanoid (mechanically-looking) robots are well accepted by users with different individual preferences. For more pictures of Sunflower in the Robot House see the picture gallery.

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