The AURORA Project


The Aurora project is a long-term project founded by Prof. Kerstin Dautenhahn with the aim to investigate the use of robots and other interactive technology in autism therapy. Our aim is not to replace human contact but to provide tools that can mediate between children and their social environment as a stepping stone towards the development of communication and social interaction skills. The project involves PhD students and research staff. The project is internally as well as externally funded. We have been using and evaluating different robots in the past, including mobile robots as well as humanoid robots. We currently focus our research on the humanoid KASPAR robot, a minimally expressive robot that seems very promising for use in autism therapy ( We also developed an interactive software called TouchStory to teach children with autism about narrative. Currently research in the project includes how to use KASPAR in order to teach children with autism collaborative skills (Josh Wainer PhD project), to investigate communication with and through KASPAR (Luke Wood PhD project), as well as Dr. Ben Robin’s work on KASPAR as a social mediator (part of the ROBOSKIN project,


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