2045: A Futurist’s Symposium – Lets explore the future together

Monday October 14th at Watford Palace Theatre:

2045: A Futurist’s Symposium – Lets explore the future together. A look
at the Earth as it is, and as it will be, as we embark on a period of
unprecedented change. The event will allow those in attendance to
explore this period of change alongside some of the most respected
visionaries in fields such as cybernetics and futurology. Speakers include:
Prof Kevin Warwick, Neil Harbison, Mark Stevenson, Chris Wild, Dave
Birss, Dr. Mick Walters.

Together we will investigate the ways in which programming, biology and
human augmentation are changing the world in which we live, and the
ramifications this will have on what it means to be a human. And, being
that you're a friend of Clock, we want to offer the tickets to you
first, and at a discounted rate.

Discounted tickets are available. Please use the discount code:
SINGULARITY45 which will allow £20 of the normal price. See:

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