Cognitive and Developmental Systems 2016

This talk was given on 20th January 2016 by Caroline Lyons.

“Cognitive and Developmental Systems” is the new title of the IEEE journal formerly called Transactions on Autonomous Mental Development – to which ASRG people contributed. The journal reaffirms the goal of developing human-like capabilities in artificial systems, and a particular target is enabling the autonomous realization of new representations.

In this talk I first look at how far the goal of a human-like model is desirable in robotics. Then I examine an area where the human analogy is essential: language and communication. However, in much research the representation of language is subject to the tyranny of the written word. Since there are quantities of written corpora, notably where children’s talk is transcribed, it is convenient to work with this orthographic data rather than the audio stream. There is only a partial match between written words and sounds that are actually heard; written words can be a misleading representation.

“Representational Redescription” is a new challenge. There is scope for further interdisciplinary work with phonological neuroscience on the one hand and speech recognition engineering on the other.

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