Overview of Joint-Action workshop April 16

This talk was given on 25th May 2016 by Frank Foerster.

In this presentation I will give a overview of the joint action workshop 'From Human-Human Joint Action to Human-Robot Joint Action and vice-versa' that I attended last month.Various researchers from a range of disciplines such as robotics (mainly but not exclusively HRI), cognitive and developmental psychology, pragmatics, and philosophy of (joint) action attempt to tease apart what joint action precisely is and, in the case of HRI, to operationalise it.

My genuine impression gleaned from the workshop is that this relatively new area of research is everything but consolidated both in terms of methodology and terminology. It is still unclear what precisely constitutes joint-action and how lower-level phenomena such as entrainment and motor coordination relate to higher-level concepts originating from philosophy of action or planning in the case of robotics.

A outline of the different academic fields and researchers present at the workshop will be followed by a summary of selected talks.

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