ASRG on BBC Lorna Milton Show

On 23 January 2008, Dr. Joe Saunders and Assif Mirza, from the Adaptive Systems Research Group (ASRG), discussed and demonstrated their latest research on the "Lorna Milton Show" on BBC Three Counties Radio. Jenna Benson, a BBC roving reporter, presented four live 10 minutes segments from the ASRG lab during the show. She successfully 'built' an arm, vision and wireless system on a Pioneer robot platform and then used software developed by Dr. Saunders to teach the robot to dance with her and wave its arm when she showed it patterned objects. During the show Assif Mirza talked to Jenna about research being carried out using the KASPAR humanoid robot in Human-Robot Interaction and the role of play in child development. Dr. Saunders explained the importance of research into Robot Social Interaction & Social Learning. Also mentioned were the IROMEC and Aurora projects in which robots are investigated as potential therapeutic tools, particularly for the Autism spectrum.

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