Exhibit at the Human+ Exhibition at the Dublin Science Gallery

University of Hertfordshire Artists in Residence, Anna Dumitriu and Alex May, with Dr. Mick Walters from the Adaptive Systems Research Group, have created a "My Robot Companion" exhibit for the HUMAN+ Exhibition at the Dublin Science Gallery. The exhibit includes a series of robot heads created by Anna Dumitriu, which have been designed to illustrate how the form and appearance of a robot head may affect, reflect or even provoke people’s perceptions and reactions to potential future Robot Companions. The exhibit also includes the robot CHARLY (Companion Humanoid Robot for Living with You), which is fitted with an interactive robot head created by Alex May. The face of the robot face slowly morphs and takes on the appearance of anyone who interacts with the robot, thus exploring the issue of familiarity for Robot Companion appearance. CHARLY is a new robot which has been developed as part of the AS groups work for the LIREC (LIving with Robots and intEractive Companions) EU funded project.

A general video of the Human+ Exhibition at the Dublin science gallery:

A video of our exhibit at the Human+ Exhibition at the Dublin Science Gallery:

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