Each class of children from at Hatfield Community Free School will spend a day focused on learning about all the different aspects of robotics, from how they are built to how they are programmed and what they can be used for. The children will all get the opportunity to have some hands on experience of programming the robots that we bring into the school, teaching robots that learn and playing with a selection of toy robots. We will also being some 3d printers that will show the children designs can be digitally designed then physically produced. The class of children will be broken down into 3 groups with each group of children focusing on a different activity for approximately 1 hour.

Activity #1
Programming the Kaspar robot
In this activity the children (working in groups of 3 to 4) will have access to a Kaspar robot that they will be able to program via Scratch which is a visual child friendly programming environment. In this session the children will learn the basic principles of how robots can programmed and the things that need to be considered when programming robots.

Activity #2
Teaching Scampi
This activity will focus on teaching the children about the advantages of having robots that can learn and some of the approaches used to achieve this. The children will then take part in an activity (working in groups of 3 to 4) where they will teach the Scampi robot how to perform different tasks such as pushing a ball and boxes around in a small arena.

Activity #3
Robotic construction
In this activity the children will learn about how robots are designed, build and some of the manufacturing processes. The children will rotate through a number of sub-activities in which they will learn about:
* CAD design
* 3D Printing
* Actuators used for robotics
* Sensors used for robotics